My Subscription Box Reviews: Master List

Hello all, I’m going to start listing the subscription boxes I’ve ordered. Once I’ve had one for three boxes, I will post a review!! I will try to remember to take pics but sometimes I get so excited… if the title is crossed out its because the box has been cancelled, but you can still click for my review of the tea if I’ve set the hyperlink!!


BEAUTY BOX 5 – read my review

  • RATING: 9/10
  • tl;drBeauty Sub Boxes are just the perfect idea and BB5 is highly recommended by me and many others.

GRAZE – read my review

  • RATING 9/10
  • tl;dr This is honestly one of the best ideas ever. It’s delicious, different, healthy, and cost-effective.



never trust an iggy azalea fan

Okay, so I know I was all like “HERE’S A LIST OF THE THINGS I WILL REVIEW” and that I’ve reviewed none of them, but I’m starting this new post and you (and by “you” I mean the zero readers of this blog) are like “Why she lyin like that, can we even trust her?” But I am waiting on more of the subscription boxes before I review them. And I am planning on reviewing graze and amoda very soon.


BUUUUUUTTTTTTT– I have to talk about something/someone very serious because I just can’t take it anymore and I have a lot to say about the thing.


Iggy Azalea.

Just not a very nice human being. This really bothers me.


OMG BUT WHY, SHE’S SO PERFECT SHE’S LIKE A QUEEN. Stop it. Stop right there.


I have some things and stuff to say to you if you love Iggy Azalea, and they start with the following words that can be associated with her:

  • Racism
  • Cultural Appropriation
  • Sexism
  • Transphobia
  • Homophobia
  • Misogyny

Now, you may be one of those people who think everyone is trying to be too politically correct too much of the time, and that people are too sensitive, etc. etc. But here’s the problem: If something you do offends other people, and the first thing you do when people call you out is think about how it affects YOU, then YOU are problematic. That’s the end of it. Not everything has to be about you. And this is exactly what Iggy Azalea does.


Why I don’t respect her:

Iggy Azalea has said the following disgusting things (and these are only on twitter) Source:


Now if you want to hear more or see more, look it up on google, it’s not hard to find all of the annoying and rude things she’s done because she does it all of the time, but the two things that annoy me most are that she apologizes by blaming the people who are offended and that her fans are ignorant as hell or as problematic as she is, but I guess that’s what happens.


Fake-ass apologies from Iggy:

Let me get one thing straight for you. You do NOT apologize by blaming the person who is offended.

This is the wrong way to apologize:

“I’m sorry you were offended.”

Why is this the wrong way to apologize? Because you should not be sorry someone else was offended, you should be sorry for what YOU did to offend them. If you are not sorry for what you did, then you are not sorry at all and your apology is fake as hell.

Sometimes she doesn’t even try to apologize, she just acts like people are hatin on her and she needs to get over herself.


Ignorant fans:

Now I know that there are people in the world very unlike me. These people can listen and love a person’s art/music/etc. and completely separate their feelings about the specific person from what they are enjoying. Fine. But there is a huge difference between, “Wow her music is the bomb diggity!” And this garbage:


ew iggy

This is problematic to me. Why? Someone tell me if they disagree, but how can you be such a big fan of this person who says these horrible things unless:

1. You’re ignoring the horrible things
2. You’re not really a big fan of the person
3. You accept these horrible things
1. If you’re ignoring these horrible things, you may just be doing it because you like her music, fine, but you may be doing it because you don’t want to admit that someone you look up to or admire is so disgusting which would mean that
2. you’re not really a fan of the person if you’re ignoring an entire aspect of their personality, are you? Or
3. you accept these things that they do and say, and you, my friend, are also a horrible person. In this case, ew.
If you do disagree with me, let me know. But if you disagree, I think this says a lot about society as a whole. While speaking with a friend today at work, she said:
“I guess because she’s a mega pop star it’s easy for people to feel like they’re serious fans of hers without actually researching her.”
And I thought this was really interesting because we are in the age of technology. You can literally ask your phone a question, and it will come up with a ton of answers for you in seconds depending on your Wi-Fi and data and phone and company and area and if you’re talking clearly enough BUT I DIGRESS. You can look Iggy Azalea up, or follow her on Twitter and Instagram, or ask a friend about her, and you can get all types of information. So the only thing I can be led to believe is that if you don’t know anything about this “mega pop star” it’s because you don’t want to know anything about her. And how can I really trust your opinion in that case?
I’m sure I have a lot more to say eventually, but this is all for now. Please stay tuned for some subscription box reviews and possibly some book reviews asap. Thanks everyone!