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Update: (Spoiler: It’s not the best.) I’ve been having some trouble with graze lately… I keep getting the same snacks. I dealt with their amazing customer service again who really helped me out and told me that I could toggle my likes, loves, and dislikes again to cheat the system and get some new things, but it turns out, that doesn’t work either. This week’s box came with all repeated snacks, none of which were “loves” and one of which I got very recently… like two or three weeks ago! I’m not a happy camper and am considering canceling my subscription with graze. I’m very sorry to say this! But please read below for some great things about graze that might make you want to subscribe! 


So my graze box has been coming for a couple of weeks now. And I have so many great things to say about it.

Basically, you can order this box of four snacks weekly or bi-weekly, and you can have them delivered to your job or your house. Every friend who ordered it so far got their first box the following week, so they handle your orders very quickly! :]

They arrive in a box like this:


With four little snacks in containers that look like this:


AND, there are even nutrition facts, they look like this:



The snacks are generally savory or sweet, but sometimes a mix of the two (for those of you who are into that).


  • A lot of the snacks consist of nuts and fruits, but there’s an area on the website where you can leave that out.


If you don’t like certain flavours or nuts or fruits, you can trash snacks that include them on the website. Originally, every snack is set to “try” but you can click:

  • “Like” – This means they’re going to send you the snack once in a while
  • “Love” – They will send you the snack often
  • “Trash” – They will stop sending you the snack.


I’ve only trashed one or two of the snacks, mostly because I didn’t prefer the flavours in them, but I HIGHLY recommend trying everything as long as you aren’t allergic to any of it. I am really not a cashew fan, but their “Black Pepper Cashews” are to die for. And I hated most dried fruits before graze, and now I am a cran-raisin lover for life!

What I love most about these is that you can’t get a lot of them at a regular grocery store. You get them and they have wonderful flavours, each one is different from the next. What I love even more is that I always have something to snack on at work, I don’t even have to bring anything with me aside from lunch.


  • This box is only $6 a week, and if you use the link from the beginning of this post, you can get your first and fifth box free. Think about how much you spend on snacks a week, and think about what you get with this box.


  • Each snack has a great health aspect to it. Sometimes they are under 100 calories, a full serving of fruit, a great source of fiber or nutrition, and more. On WEIGHT WATCHERS, I’ve found that not one of the snacks I’ve received has been over 6 points on the Points Plus program.


  • My favorites so far are the black pepper cashews, the black pepper popcorn, and the chili-honey almonds. I like spicy stuff, but if you don’t, you can just make sure to “Trash” those ideas.
  • Everything in the box is recycle-friendly, as well as the delivery box itself.
  • If someone signs up using your link, you get a dollar that you can either use towards your next purchase, or donate it to the graze school of farming.


  • I really do wish we received five snacks instead of six, but I do get that this is the perfect amount for the size of the box, and that the box would be more costly
  • The redskin peanuts are dry, so even if I enjoy a snack, the redskin peanuts will kind of make me like it a little less


  • If you like what you see, you can use my code and get your first and fifth box free! AMANDR3XU


  • 9/10


  • This is honestly one of the best ideas ever. It’s delicious, different, healthy, and cost-effective.

Let me know what you think below! Criticisms of my review, anything about graze if you’ve tried it, ask me questions if you have any, or let me know if you ordered a box! I’m excited to get some feedback on my first review on my new blog!





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