EDIT!!!!!!! Quickie Food Review: Savannah’s Southern House, Yorktown Heights, NY

This is a necessary edit.

I was asked by the restaurant to come back because there is now a new cook and things have changed a lot since the restaurant’s opening. So alas, I returned last week with my boyfriend!

When I returned, I was WOW impressed The biscuits were good, the appetizer (Pulled Pork Flatbread) was absolutely to die for. I’m thinking of going back tonight JUST for that flatbread.

I had a savannah burger with sweet potato fries and that was super delicious. The sweet potato fries were definitely not my favorite that day but when I brought them in for lunch the next day, they were just fine.

Lastly, I have to say… I HAD TO TRY THE MAC AND CHEESE AGAIN. I thought “Maybe this time it’ll be good!” And boy was I…

RIGHT. It was great in comparison. Not overcooked, and a good amount of cheese. I didn’t have to return one thing that night and even enjoyed a glass of wine at the bar. I’m not sure of the bartender’s name, but he was wonderful as well.

I have to edit my grade for this place, since it seems the most views I get are for my previous post. I’m honestly going to grade it a 7/10. There was nothing wrong with the food, the service was great, and so was my drink. The prices were fine as well. A 7/10 isn’t too bad, right?

I’m going to post this in my old post so everyone can see that the place sure has changed!