Things I Don’t Care to See in 2016: “A Vote Against One of Us is a Vote Against All of Us” Posters (#istandwithPP)

Let’s talk about inclusivity. Let’s talk about abortion. Let’s talk about voting. Let’s talk about rape culture and violence.

We don’t even have to go into depth. Let’s just graze the surface.

Regarding violence against women, if you ask something like “What if it was YOUR mother, sister, friend?” in order to get men to understand the severity of violence against women by changing the perspective a little bit, it’s pretty much widely accepted at this point that the statement is ridiculous. It is ridiculous that something should have to happen to someone close to you in order for you to care about it, isn’t it? No one should have to worry about violence! Everyone should care about ending violence against women! Everyone should care about ending violence in general, in fact. We know this.

Why do we use this type of psychology. Obviously, it’s because to get someone to understand something, it’s easier for them to take a walk in the shoes of people that are being affected. But I genuinely do not think this is effective overall. I think we forget that when trying to include everyone, when trying to appeal to masses, when trying to make political agendas and social issues more palatable, we can often end up being more exclusive than intended.

That’s where this poster comes in.


I can see that the poster above is intended to be inclusive and show that PP does more than just abortions, but what kind of message are we sending to non-supporters if we’re saying “If you don’t care about this, think about all of these other people you SHOULD care about!”

That sounds unfair to me. It sounds exclusive to me.

If you support PP for whatever reasons, but not for abortion, that is not inclusive, that is not “standing with PP”. If you stand with PP, you should be supporting ALL services that PP provides. If you support Planned Parenthood and you want other people to as well, you should not be sending a message that says “Well forget this one thing you don’t like, what about these other things? Forget this one woman you don’t support, what about these other ones that matter?”

This is unacceptable to me.

A vote against one of us IS a vote against all of us. But by voting against ANY of us, you are saying “I do not believe in Planned Parenthood. I do not care about people who need the services PP provides.” If you are against abortion enough to wish they would defund PP, that tells me that you think people who need abortions do not deserve to choose what to do with their own bodies. And because of that, I could not care less if you support all of the other services PP provides.

I care about everyone who needs Planned Parenthood, not just the people who are using it for reasons I deem acceptable. I don’t want to see this poster anymore, and I don’t see any reason why any support of Planned Parenthood should want to see it either.

If you think I’m WAY off and want to have a discussion about it, feel free! I’ll keep an eye on the comments.


Love you all, and Happy 2016.

xx Amandria

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Things I Don’t Care to See in 2016: An Introduction

Hello everyone! Happy 2016! I’m going to hit the ground running this year and start with some rants, because reasons. There were some things I saw in 2015 that I simply would like to leave in 2015. I have my reasons and will be explaining them as I go, but I want to say that most of these come from a place of love. Love for other people, love for the world and love for just– so much! I have SO MUCH LOVE.

Perhaps you’ll understand as you read on and perhaps you will not, but these are my thoughts that I can’t turn off without writing about it a little.

Here are some things I plan to write about and hopefully ,in the future, they will include links to the blog posts!


okay bye

EDIT!!!!!!! Quickie Food Review: Savannah’s Southern House, Yorktown Heights, NY

This is a necessary edit.

I was asked by the restaurant to come back because there is now a new cook and things have changed a lot since the restaurant’s opening. So alas, I returned last week with my boyfriend!

When I returned, I was WOW impressed The biscuits were good, the appetizer (Pulled Pork Flatbread) was absolutely to die for. I’m thinking of going back tonight JUST for that flatbread.

I had a savannah burger with sweet potato fries and that was super delicious. The sweet potato fries were definitely not my favorite that day but when I brought them in for lunch the next day, they were just fine.

Lastly, I have to say… I HAD TO TRY THE MAC AND CHEESE AGAIN. I thought “Maybe this time it’ll be good!” And boy was I…

RIGHT. It was great in comparison. Not overcooked, and a good amount of cheese. I didn’t have to return one thing that night and even enjoyed a glass of wine at the bar. I’m not sure of the bartender’s name, but he was wonderful as well.

I have to edit my grade for this place, since it seems the most views I get are for my previous post. I’m honestly going to grade it a 7/10. There was nothing wrong with the food, the service was great, and so was my drink. The prices were fine as well. A 7/10 isn’t too bad, right?

I’m going to post this in my old post so everyone can see that the place sure has changed!

Quickie Food Review – The Blazer Pub – Purdys, NY

Quickie review:

Our waitress didn’t come to us or even introduce herself for 10-15 minutes at least, she was rude and seemed like she didn’t want to talk to us
Flat soda!
Burgers had no flavour!
Fries were so thick they were kind of undercooked and uncomfortable
Chicken fingers were too thick and had no flavour
Rolls weren’t toasted, so they were still hard



Food Review: HK Hell’s Kitchen, New York, NY

During the Pride parade, I went to HK Hell’s Kitchen for lunch with my friends!

Things to remember: CASH ONLY

Customer Service: Okay so here’s my main issue, the host and hostess were very confused!! After we put our name in, we waiting outside because there was almost no room in the actual restaurant to wait for a table. After waiting for almost an hour, a hostess who did not initially help us, went and asked another group if they wanted the available table. But they had been waiting for less time than we had!!! Luckily, they were waiting for a friend so I was able to speak to the hostess and get the table for myself and my group.

Atmosphere: It was a small place, but it looked like most of the people there were preparing to go to the parade! It wasn’t rowdy, but the music was good, I actually wish it was much louder!

Menu: I have so much to say! It was a nice and simple menu with a lot of choices, but not overwhelming. Not only was the menu great for my boyfriend who only eats seafood, but there was quite a selection, I could not choose what to get at first! What we all knew we wanted was the brunch special. With this special, you can have unlimited mimosas, screwdrivers, bellinis or champagne with anything of the meals on the menu for only $16.95 extra, and this is quite the deal if you like to drink! They had breakfast and brunch options, lunch options and more, it’s a well designed menu for sure!

Drinks: The drinks were honestly not that good, but after a few, you don’t care anymore. I felt like the orange juice was cheap and it was the main component in two of the drinks, so I was not impressed. The drinks were also warm, so that was definitely a downer.

$$$: I think it could have been less expensive for sure. I wasn’t as happy with my food or drinks as I thought I would be.

FOOD:  As you can see in the featured picture, the presentation was beautiful! Although my friends weren’t huge fans of the fries, I really enjoyed them. They went perfectly with the wasabi sauce that came with my boyfriend’s sandwich. My favorite part was that we got sooo many fries, so when my friends didn’t finish them, I ate them instead, ha!

I ordered a Lobster Sandwich. It was alright. I wish I would have ordered something different since the menu was so interested. I was definitely filled up after eating mine and my boyfriend’s fries but the sandwich was puny and I was not a fan, it didn’t have much lobster and was more expensive that I wanted it to be.

My boyfriend ordered a Salmon Burger. WOW was that good! I had a small bite of it with some of the wasabi sauce and I definitely wish I had chosen that option on the menu instead. It had SO much flavour and it was SO big!!


Overall, I had a really good time. Our waiter was a sweetheart and had the best suspenders for pride week and the food was good enough that I had no complaints. Unlimited drinks is never something to complain about either, so I can say I had a good enough experience.


  • 5/10


  • Drinks were okay, presentation was great, food was just okay!

Let me know what you think below! Criticisms of my review, anything about HK Hell’s Kitchen if you’ve tried it, ask me questions if you have any, or let me know if you’re planning to go there soon! DEFINITELY send me any pics you may have of the food there or let me know if you had the same dish as me! xx

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